MotoSolutions® was established in 2003 and is currently headquartered in Fairfield, CA, USA. Our distribution warehouse is located in Vacaville, CA, USA. Originally the company was dedicated to improving the motorcycling experience. But it quickly became clear that other sports participants and especially industrial employees are greatly affected by vision problems caused by fogging on their protective eyewear. These vision problems can slow performance, reduce safety, injure workers and cost employers significantly.

All Motosolutions products are the best anti-fog and anti-rain products offered on the market today.


"It's unbelievable just how effective MS products are. I've stocked up on them for those rainy days."

- Pieter Venter

"I wouldn't hesitate recommending Fogtech. Does the job!"

- Ryan Williams

"Brilliant product. Some serious R&D must have gone into making a it repel water so well."

- Grant Ivanhoe